Ever noticed how the headlines and Top Stories which get the most attention these days are the most negative stories, the ones which strike the most fear? Not the case with this blog, with this blog I intend to fossic as hard as I can to bring together some of the most inspirational, funny and beautiful stories and photos out there.

I hope to transform this blog into a little patch of paradise where anyone can have a read, laugh and admire some of the many wonderful things that go on in the world, where you can lean back in your chair and admire the photos, dream you were there or perhaps you’ve already been there. A place where you can share ideas and tips on a wide range of things from quilting, to scrapbooking to photography to even travel, whatever your hobby may be and whatever tickles your fancy.

I am hoping to open the eyes of Australians to all the wonderful businesses we have here in Australia so that perhaps they will look local first before buying overseas because in all honesty, we really do have some fantastic local businesses and I believe that a lot of people walk right on past them because either nobody has told them about the business or because they have their favorites they prefer to stick to and in doing so, throw away a perfectly good opportunity of finding a new little gem. So here I am, going out of my way to find all these little hidden secrets and bringing them to the surface for people to explore.

This blog will forever be in progress and hopefully there will be a daily blog if not two, just so you have something to read before and after work while you relax at home and sip on that lovely aromatic cup of coffee … or whatever delicious beverage you enjoy.

At the moment my newest addition to this wonderful blog of mine is ‘Crafty Businesses’ where I hunt around and find all the crafty businesses all around Australia, give a quick little write up on what they have in stock, where they are and include a link to their website if they have one.

I hope you enjoy and maybe find a lovely little gem :-)

20 Responses to About

  1. Mom says:

    Hi dear!
    wanted to let you know i have nominated your lovely and positive blog for a liebster award. Go to mine today to see the details http://www.youwhoineverknew.wordpress.com
    Kassie aka “Mom”

  2. yusrche says:

    Thanks for following me…great photo of sunset…

  3. Mona says:

    I am looking forward to reading your uplifting words.

  4. Love your DIY:Projects on your blog and Thank you for re-blogging my DIY: Chandelier post :)

  5. ladyflowersbysusan says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Award for bloggers. Thanks for bringing more Paradise to this world!


  6. Lovely to find your blog; loved your sunset photo and positive thoughts, brings a smile on face, always welcome ; )

  7. averyclaire says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I do not do facebook or twitter or any of those sites, so I have come here to say thank you. Love your photos….all the way from Australia! Wow. Nice. Thanks again.

    • squnches says:

      My pleasure, you have a wonderful blog and thank you so very much for taking the time to visit my blog, something I was not expecting at all, thanks again :-)

  8. steffnouveau says:

    My Purple Mushrooms say thank you for admiring them! ;)
    I’m now going to investigate your uplifting blog.

    • squnches says:

      Well your purple mushrooms are welcome, they really are very cute. I hope you do like my blog, feel free to drop in any time, I’ll be sure to have the kettle on :-)

  9. Madoqua says:

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. You have a fascinating site here which I will enjoy reading!

    • squnches says:

      Hi Madoqua, sorry for such a late reply, just want to thank you for following my blog and I look forward to looking through your blog also :-)

  10. Wanderland says:

    This is a very inspiring idea and I wish more people can concentrate on the good news rather than the bad! I am looking forward to read more! :-)

    • squnches says:

      Thank you very much Wanderland :-) I always try and look on the bright side of life, a lifetime laughing and smiling is much better than a lifetime being angry and annoyed at the world.

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