A splash of creativity

Slowly but surely I am getting my little craft streak back. Years ago I used to do drawings, portraits mainly but I haven’t really tried since. So I’ve tried other avenues to get my craft streak back and yesterday I surprised myself.

Two days ago it was my good friend Georgie’s Birthday and I was so very tired from my travels that I hadn’t got round to making her anything (felt terrible), though I had the idea and image in my head. I zipped down to one of my local craft stores and grabbed the bits and bobs I would need. I was so tired though that when I asked for 30cm of this material and the same of that material, I didn’t even notice that the lady was cutting a metre until she asked if I had wanted 30cm or a metre. When I replied I wanted 30cm she laughed at herself over her mistake and cut the correct length. I would have taken that material without noticing due to being so tired. Word of advice, avoid going shopping when you are tired, you might just get more than you asked for.

Yesterday was the day, I got out all my sewing gear and all the bits and bobs needed and put them on the table infront of my sewing machine. It took me perhaps 4 hours, including breaks for a cuppa and biscuit here and there before I was holding the finished product in my hand.

I had made perhaps one of the most adorable things ever, a gorgeous little bag with handles and it sits upright and open when you place it down on a table or hard surface, it folds up nicely when you aren’t using it either, its also got a cute little button and a loop of ribbon to go around it to close it. It is also lined and I had thought to put in an internal pocket or two but that might be a little over my head at the moment considering I wasn’t following any instructions, just an image in my head.

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