Berries or Snakes

Now here’s a recipe I’m sure all the sweet tooths out there are just going to LOVE!

Simple and easy to follow with absolutely mind blowing results, you’ll be asked to make it over and over again.










Snake or Berry Rocky-Road


200g Packet lolly snakes OR 200g of Natural Confectionary Berries

250g Marshmallows (halved)

2 X 250g Blocks of eating chocolate, plain Cadbury is best

Roughly 100g unsalted peanuts, chopped


Grease an 18 X 28cm rectangle slice pan and line with baking paper.

Chop up the snakes or halve the berries

Put the chocolate in a metal bowl and sit it in a saucepan of boiling water to melt, make sure that no water gets in with the chocolate or it will not melt.

Once the chocolate has melted, add the snakes or berries and then the chopped up nuts, once this is all mixed together, add the marshmallows and give it a quick stir, the marshmallows will melt if you leave them in there for too long. This makes stirring them a problem as they will just melt and run.

When all ingredients are coated in chocolate, pour or spoon the mixture into the tin being sure to press it into the corners and base.

Refrigerate until set and then cut into squares, store in an airtight container in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure.

I’ve had a lot of success with this recipe and have been asked a number of times to make it again as there just never seems enough!

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