Getting my creativity on

I have certainly got way too much on the go these days, I spent much of yesterday scanning heaps of photos of me when I was cute, that was a long time ago! One big bundle of photos down and a suitcase full at Mum’s to go. Silly me for saying I might just do a bit of scrapbooking … sometime … someday … before I die.

So now I have that out of the way, until I go to Mum’s and grab another bundle, today I grabbed some material needed to work on a quilt I have planned to drape over the recliner which is looking a little old and unloved. Trouble is while I was at the shop grabbing some material for that, all this other material that was on special just suddenly jumped into my hands! It still amazes me how that just seems to happen when I am in a craft and fabric shop.

With the quilt all set out and just about ready to stitch,

I am left wondering why the heck did I grab all this other material and what am I going to do with it!? Then I looked back at that cute little bag I made not so long ago as a Birthday gift for a close friend and I am left here thinking, I could make more of those and give them away as gifts OR I could sell them and buy more material to make more pretty things. Guess which idea is winning at the moment.

For those who may not know the type of cute bag I’m talking about, I’ve attached a picture below to show you just what a creative little person I am 🙂

It certainly is a wonderful size, easily fits keys, mobile phone, purse, little packet of tissues, lip gloss and whatever else you may want to put in there. Might just have to make one for myself now that I think about it.

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