The backbone of the family

I was flicking through some of my papers on my family history and looking through the photos I have all neatly stashed away when, to my delight, I came across a photo of four generations of the women in my family.

It got me thinking, where would our families be without the women, the backbone of our families? How would the children have been raised if the woman didn’t stay home to feed, bathe and clothe them?

In my family the women have been, not only someone to help bring in money, but also the one to raise the children, cook the meals, clean the house. Sounds like a pretty good backbone to any family if you ask me.

Women these days and families too are changing with the times, sure its still traditional for the woman to stay home and look after the house and raise the family, but it is becoming more and more common to see the man stay home and look after the kids.

Probably the biggest challenge I see families facing these days is, no longer is it easy to live off just the man’s wage, the price of everything is going up these days but the salary isn’t going up to match it, such a shame really. It makes life hard for the children as both parents seem to have to work, one working full time and another perhaps part time, so wheres the time for kids?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much women have done for society and families all around the world and I really do hope that some changes are made so that parents can spend time with their kids like they used to.

Women in history truly are wonderful 🙂


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