The house smells like a bakery

Well at least thats what my late great grandma Ivy’s house smelt like, it was heaven to any kids nose when you walked through the door.

Born in January of 1909, Ivy Carey lived majority of her life here in South Australia and passed in June of 1995. I can still remember the day, I didn’t attend the funeral, probably because I was too young, but every time I’m in town I pass by the cemetery and say hello to her and great grandpa.

Ivy Carey, don’t yet have a lot of information on her (its on my to do list) but I do have a lot of fond memories. Including playing outside on the lawn and climbing in the trees in the backyard.

Who remembers the ‘blue rinsers’? well that was a part of Ivy, that along with cooking and forever smiling, one of those smiles that just lights up the room.

I would have to say cooking was her speciality, fresh bread, cakes, biscuits and even jams. Then for the kids there was always a glass of juice or cordial ready and waiting to be enjoyed.

Ivy worked as a Tailoress and then as a stay at home mum looking after the house and raising 4 wonderful children, Kevin, Dean, Margaret and Marie. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of my great grandma Ivy yet, another thing on that to do list, but I will be uploading one as soon as I come across one.

As some of you might recognise, Carey is a surname common in the U.K but particularly in Ireland, in this case it traces back to Upperchurch, Tipperary in Ireland. Tipperary is located in the south of Ireland but roughly in the middle.

Looks like there is a bit of Irish in me, wonder if it brings luck with it 🙂

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