Helpful sites to remember

I’ve located some more websites that I have found helpful while researching my family tree. Not every part of these websites are free but there is still plenty to look through and gain in the areas that are.

For me, I found the websites on cemeteries to be very helpful, in particular with locating just where an ancestor is buried. So many times I would find that the ancestor passed away and the only detail was the town, so I would fall back on looking through cemeteries to see if I could find them, persistence all paid off and I managed to find all who I was looking for. So if you find yourself stuck on the final details, the final cross check on birth and death dates and even names of children and partners, then headstones can be very helpful.

Though I located one family member whose name appears not only on his own headstone but also on the headstones of his first and his second wife. This did throw me for a little while as I only knew of the one wife, after doing some research and digging a little deeper, I found that the headstones didn’t lie, he did remarry and unfortunately his first wife passed not long into the marriage, then a few years later he remarried though this time, he passed first.

Even though something might look a little confusing at first, take the information onboard, do a little digging and who knows, it might just fit, if it doesn’t then discard it, otherwise it will forever confuse you. For those searching for Scottish ancestors, there are census forms on this site too and registering allows you to do quite a bit. A fantastic site to have a look through and find all kinds of tips and tricks when it comes to genealogy. Needing to look up a cemetery and find out where an ancestor is buried so you can see their headstone for a photo or double check dates and names, this is a wonderful website that will point you in the right direction. This site is the Australian equivalent of the one above which focusses on the cemeteries in the U.K


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