Searching for Aussie gold miners

Well it has been a little while since I have posted anything on here, thanks mostly to the fact Christmas is almost upon us and like many others out there, I had some last minute shopping to do so please forgive me for this 🙂

I have been back at my genealogy and sifting through notes and sites and came upon an interesting possibility, what if an ancestor was involved in the gold rush in Australia? So far though, none of mine have. Best way to go about finding them is the same as with any other ancestor really, go looking for birth, marriage and death records in the areas where gold had been found. The primary place for this in Australia was in Ballarat in Victoria. So why not try the following sites. or perhaps even

If you would like to know about the story of the prospectors via newspapers and personal accounts then I have located a nifty site for you.

Maybe these sites aren’t what you are looking for, so then perhaps try the National Library of Australia, this site is full of useful information.  Information includes maps, photos and even journals.

Happy hunting to you all out there 🙂

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