Scotland the brave

I’ve known for some time now that there are Scottish relatives in the family and it is a thought that makes me smile, to know I have relatives overseas, though I have only met a few of them, I hope to some day meet more if not all.

Years ago, before I got ambushed by all this genealogy, a cousin of mine in Scotland started writing to me, my first real pen pal a million miles away. At the time, this cousin was living in Edinburgh with family so I have located some sites and information on Edinburgh for those who have family in Scotland and even Edinburgh. – The historic General Register House at the east end of Princes Street, close to Waverley Station. – (National Archives of Scotland) Another very useful site to sift through when looking for information in Scotland. – (National Library of Scotland) The largest library in Scotland. – Possibly a very rewarding site to check out if you have family in Edinburgh.

Libraries are an invaluable source of knowledge so I’ve found two more that might just help you find what you are looking for.

Some more sites that you could find useful include:


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