Crafty Christmas

Christmas this year took a little more effort than previous years, by that I mean I put in more effort into many of the gifts I gave because, I made them instead of buying them off the shelf. Remember those little bags I made earlier? Well I made a few more and they looked smashing, though I have to admit, some just didn’t want to go together so I came up with a couple little tricks and they came together so well.

20121015_210510Not completed in the photo but I was delighted with the materials I found and stuffed each of them (once completed) with some lovely little surprises from soaps, shower gels, bath bombs and even chocolates 🙂 A little bag of heaven for just about any woman.

My next little spurt of creativity was also in the form of a bag but one a little different, while its not ‘shop quality’ I have got the basics of it done and can see where I can make improvements, it was a real boost to my confidence as I didn’t have a pattern and I was just using some left over material to put it together, just to make a ‘demo model’ you could say.

20121211_093847There are 2 pockets inside, big enough for keys and a mobile phone, plenty of space inside for all kinds of bits and bobs, all I need to adjust is how stiff the material is I guess you could say. This one at the moment, as soon as you put your bits and bobs inside, it loses its shape, something I need to work on with my next attempt. Aside from that, I think its pretty good for just going off an idea in my head 🙂

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