Surprise for the day

Sorry for not posting for a few days, it was my Birthday just a couple days ago and it has also been extremely hot here lately, think it might have fried my brain on one of those days. Needless to say, the air conditioner got a work out and poor Lola was a bit frazzled too, inside it was nice and cool and she wanted to play, but when she was outside running around by herself for a few minutes, she soon realised it was too hot and just napped on the cool bathroom tiles.

I received many lovely Birthday wishes and some very nice gifts but the one that blew me away (and one that I think will come in handy with my genealogy) was a book I was given from family members which was written by a distant cousin which is all about my grandpa’s family.

After just a quick flick through the book it confirmed my thoughts that my family, or at least my mum’s side of the family, have been living in South Australia for many generations. They came out from Cornwall years and years ago as miners and worked primarily in Moonta but some were over in Burra and Kapunda and others resided in Port Lincoln, Cleve, Adelaide, Wallaroo, Verran and many other places.

My distant cousin looks to have started doing genealogy and this book on the family for the same reasons I started, we both wanted to know who all these people were in the family, names that we couldn’t put faces to, stories that seemed true but not quite. He started with my great great great grandfather Henry Symons, later to become Henry Simmons when he came to Australia, also known by many in Moonta as ‘Uncle Arr’ Simmons (President of the Amalgamated Miners Association.)

20130106_130730 20130106_130826Above, comic drawing of my great great great grandfather Henry Symons (Simmons) and below that, a portrait of him when he was about 60 where he looks to have the most amazing blue eyes. Below this photo is reads ‘Henry, aged about 60 years. He was famous for not wearing a tie and wore what we now call grandfather shirts with collar and stud. For this portrait the photographer must have supplied the tie.’

Sounds a bit like my family already, we aren’t big on wearing ties or being all dressed up unless the occasion calls for it, which suits me just fine, being comfortable is more important to me though I am certainly not a ‘bum’.

I cant wait to read more into this book and see what it unearths. I’ll keep you posted and let you know what I find out, the book though is some 320 pages long and more with certificates and photos towards the back, it might sound a little silly but I feel like a little kid in a candy store right now.

Take care 🙂

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