The long awaited ….

This quilt I started about 5 months ago or there about, it was one of those projects that just got put on the back burner for awhile until the past couple of days when I got around to finishing it and I am quite happy with how it looks and I love all the colour in it. This is only the ‘face’ of the quilt, I’ve yet to add the wadding and back, I’m also thinking of adding a boarder just to give it a big extra length.


For those who are looking at the photo and thinking to themselves ‘nothing really matches, nothing lines up’ well that’s the way I like to work, I like rustic, I like different. If I was after something perfect that matched up and was the same as thousands of others, then I would have gone to a store and bought it 🙂

Being creative is something I really enjoy and I think this quilt is going to add a great bit of colour to a lovely old recliner I have which has a lot of special memories for me.

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