A Long and Inspirational Journey

Not many of us go out of our way to get what we want these days, content to live with what we get and are permitted to have. I have a story here that I find to be so inspirational and very special to me, because its a fight my cousin is going through, and has been going through for at least a year now.

My cousin Tarlia Bartsch is one very strong and determined woman who started a campaign in early January of 2012 to have the stillborn laws changed, at least in South Australia for a start. This all came about when she lost her second child at 19 weeks, just one week shy of the 20 week mark where then, a baby born would be counted as a having been a living, breathing human being.

The campaign was to change the gestation period of when a baby would be classed as a living human being from 20 weeks to 12 weeks because any time before 12 weeks, the mother is not required to go to hospital to give birth to the stillborn baby, any time after and they have to. So you can see why this would hurt so much, despite the fact the baby is no longer alive, the mother still has to give birth to it knowing she can never feed it, change it’s nappy, see it smile, hear it laugh and cry or even take it home and watch it grow to be a beautiful child.

“It is a really lonely and daunting experience because you know there is not going to be a baby crying at the end of it … The process is the same, the pain is the same as if you are giving birth to a live baby.” Tarlia Bartsch.

“If you have to physically give birth, that should be recognised if you choose for it to be recognised. We don’t want sympathy but we want to highlight this law for people going through the same thing – and we are not the only ones who have been through this.” Talia Bartsch.

Tarlia campaigned for near on a year to have Jayden’s Law passed through Parliament (Jayden in honor of her still born son) and she and her family are now in the final stages of preparing a certificate parents will be entitled to receive to show that their baby was once alive and be included on the registrar.

This law will in no way affect abortion laws and will not be enforced on all mothers and couples who have a miscarriage, it is an option as some parents or mothers prefer not to remember the past as it can be too painful and they wish to simply try and forget and get on with their lives. One thing it will change though is any mother giving birth to a baby on or after 12 weeks, the baby will no longer be classed as a stillborn but a miscarriage.

After countless interviews and invites to be guest speaker at a number of events along with newspaper write ups, this is the certificate at the moment, a Commemorative Certificate as held by Tarlia in the photo below.

47592_10200233113653496_1612410598_n Such an amazing woman and I wish her all the best with having this law and the certificate passed for all those who have nothing to show or remember their stillborn baby by.

One thought on “A Long and Inspirational Journey

  1. Tarlia is certainly amazing and has achieved wonderful results for herself and those people who wanted a certificate to comemorate the birth of their angels. Tarlia is expecting her rainbow baby this year and I send her lots of love.

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