By the sea side

I’ve been living in the city now for quite some time and the beaches here just aren’t like those from home, I’ve been missing them and to make myself feel a little better I’ve been working on a new quilt.

The quilt measures 2m X 2m and should look lovely on my bed when completed. I’ve used all kinds of prints, all to do with the sea, there are Orcas, fish, dolphins and even turtles.

This is a picture of how it is looking so far.

775210_10152443202185591_1100590914_oNow all I need to do is attach the back to it and add the wadding and then I am all set to start quilting it, hopefully it won’t take too long, I’m excited to get it finished 🙂

I’ve already got another quilt to finish and another in the making.

3 thoughts on “By the sea side

  1. soooo ambitious! I love the fabric selections. I cant count how many times I’ve started a quilt…and still haven’t completed one,
    ps…love the pretty pink flowerw on your page edges 🙂

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