Searching for the Welsh

During my posts, I’ve listed sites which I’ve found helpful and I hope some of you have found them helpful too. I am sorry if they haven’t been so far, I’ve been listing sites which I have used to trace my own ancestors who have so far all been from England, Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland. I will do what I can to list sites that should help people from all over the world so that if your ancestors aren’t from England, Ireland, Scotland or Cornwall they’ll come in handy for you.


This post is for those who have ancestors from Wales and for those who are simply interested in some of the history of Wales.

If you are looking for information on Glamorgan then look up  – the website is run by Bob Sanders

John Ball also has a site to check out this site contains his family history archive

IF your ancestors came from the North of Wales, then it would be a good idea to have a look through

There are some useful pages at  which is the Association of Family History Society in Wales

Theres a nice selection of documents to look through at

For records of Welsh sailors, have a look through

For welsh merchant seamen between 1800 and 1945, have a look through

If you are after the National Library of Wales,

South Wales Police

Welsh archives,

Welsh history

Theres even an archives website for Wales which is

Got miners in the family, look through  or maybe  or even

There are loads of sites to search for Welsh ancestors that I could just go on forever, each have been very helpful to me.

Happy hunting 🙂


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