Searching for something new

I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall the past few days with my creativity and sewing, not because it no longer interests me but because I’ve come down with a cold 😦 great way to make you feel like you want to do everything but are too sick to be out of bed and concentrate long enough to achieve it.

So I was having a browse online at different quilting and sewing sites where you can find all kinds of fabrics, threads and even patterns. I’d come from a country town where there was perhaps only one real fabric shop before I moved to the city but even then it was still same same because it was franchise. Online is where all the creativity and possibilities seem to be.

Have a look at this site for instance, now not only does the person have their own website, they even have a blog you can follow here

An example of one of their patterns you can purchase

green fairy example

They have certainly put a lot of work and effort into it and its great to see because not only are there these sites but they have also gone ahead and released a book!

Certainly a site I’m going to have to check up on for sure.

Happy sewing 🙂

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