I’ll tell you a secret

Since moving to Adelaide, I’d always been going to Spotlight for all my fabric and crafty needs, mostly because I know where they are. How often is that the case though, we know where this one place is and we always go there because of one of these lovely excuses; I don’t have time to find another place, I know they have what I’m looking for, that place is too far away, I don’t know how to get there etc etc. Well guess what, sometimes it does pay off to just go and have a look around and find another place to shop from.

So have a look online for all kinds of places that take ya fancy, write down their addresses and make a weekend where you just go and have a look, who knows, you could just find a place that is as good as your current favourite or maybe even better.

I’d been told of this wonderful fabric shop about a 30 minute drive from home that my friends had been meaning to show me, they had been torturing me in fact, saying oh its heaps good, got so much cool fabric and patterns, everything you would need. But what they never told me was the street name or the building number. Guess they didn’t want me going there without them haha.

So when the day finally came for us to go and have a look, I was just amazed, there was this huge shed/warehouse that didn’t look like much from the road, just plonked there, this is what they were all excited over. Soon as I walked through the door though I just about had to pick my jaw up off the ground, talk about fabric, there were rolls upon rolls and bolts upon bolts of fabric of all designs and every colour, even the same pattern in 5 or 6 different colours, this place, though it didn’t look much from the road, was heaven.

They have buttons, threads, books full of wonderful ideas, fat quarters, jelly rolls, even zips and did I mention the fabric?

The business is called Tricia’s Discount Fabrics, its located on 11-13 Price Street in Melrose Park. Well worth a look if you are in the area or ever needing a bit of inspiration, I found it very very hard to walk out empty handed, but I tell you, I did not leave there without a million and one ideas racing through my mind, all the fabric and the possibilities. Makes me wish I had all that fabric 🙂

The amount and range of fabric available makes this business able to cover everyone from quilters, dressmakers, dancers and even those making a little something for a theater group or a play.

Trading hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm on Saturday and 11am-2pm on Sunday

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