From Henry to his love

I’ve now come to read about Henry’s love and wife, Phillippa, who has a very interesting story to tell. A story of adventure, a foreign land, tragedy and love, best part is it was all true.

Born in the village of Gwennap to a Celtic family, Phillippa Moyle was raised in an Anglican family. Her uncles had been “Bell Ringers” at the Church of England in Gwennap for three generations and so the church and churchyard was very much her ‘backyard’, and she was sometimes asked to help ring the bells, which were said to be a very good set. Phillippa was even allowed, on occasion, to go down into Sir George Williams’ vault, a very scary adventure for a little girl one would think, how many out there would want to venture into a vault?

In 1864-65 Phillippa met and fell in love with James Sarah (Sara) who was a mining engineer. They married at ‘Coldwind Downs’ in Cornwall. At the age of 21 and pregnant, James and Phillippa left Cornwall for a new life in South Australia and in particular, Burra. They left on the ship the ‘Lincoln’ on the 13th of September 1865, the ‘Lincoln’ was 995 Tons and T.P. Seaman, was the Master.

The only down side on arrival was the ship and all on board (it is believed) was put in a quarantine as one of the passengers had developed Typhus, and so nobody was allowed on or off the ship, not even the media, much to their disappointment.

All in all, there were 358 people from England, 33 people from Scotland and 17 people from Ireland, a total of 408 people.Though this ship didn’t just bring with it people, it also brought over goods such as casks, cases, sheets of lead, iron castings and many many more much needed goods.

England was in a position to happily help people to Australia as it then lowered their unemployment percentage and poverty level, not only that but it would give a much needed boost to a new colony desperately in need of skilled immigrants.

A couple days after arrival, Phillippa, who was heavily pregnant, gave birth to their first child, a son, Charles Sarah, who was born either on the ship or immediately upon disembarkation or perhaps in a lodging place. Soon after the birth, the new family made their way to Burra where James had employment as a mining engineer. You could imagine the journey to Burra being something incredibly new to them, different surroundings, incredibly hot temperatures, long distances to walk, nothing familiar and all this with a new born baby.

Sadly something went terribly wrong on their trip to Burra, James is believed to have contracted Typhoid Fever not long after arriving in Australia, possibly from the ill person on the vessel, though it is believed he contracted it from drinking water out of wagon tracks after a summer thunderstorm, he sadly passed away some 4 months later at the age of 23, leaving Phillippa in a foreign new town with a new born baby to look after.

What happens next will have to wait as this is as far as I have read … for now 🙂 There will be more.

2 thoughts on “From Henry to his love

    1. Thank you so much, I’ve been enjoying reading up on my ancestors when I get a chance to. Lately I’ve been run off my feet with doing alterations and keeping my Facebook page (Quilting, Sewing, Cake and Squnches) up and going, its all been a lot of fun though 🙂

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