Fancy knee rug

Well it isn’t really a knee rug, its a quilt I made just to experiment and learn a few techniques. The quilt isn’t really big enough to cover a bed but it is a good size to cuddle up with if you are on your own and watching a movie at home, maybe I’ll call it a snuggle quilt.

20130106_185007Pinning pictures or pieces of fabric on top of a background piece I found to be something a bit new, I’m more used to sewing all the pictures together to make one piece I then quilt together with the wadding and the back.

20130404_210534Lola just had to test out the quilt, I did learn a new trick when putting it all together. I would sew 3 edges together to make it like a pillow case and then work on quilting the rest, but the problem was that this would then lead to a quilt which was not all that flat, it would have a lot of bumps in it and I would end up frustrated. Reading up on a few magazines really helped, attaching a backing and working from the inside out before doing the border worked fantastic.

20130404_210549Finished product 🙂

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