Modern day angels renew my faith in humanity

I saw a wonderful sight today, I’d just dropped my partner off at work (he is an interstate truck driver) and on my way home, with him following behind me in his truck for part of the way. We encountered the usual traffic and traffic lights, everyone wanting to get home after work etc.

We were stopped at this big intersection waiting for the lights to change in our favour, it was going to be awhile, about 5 roads meet at this intersection. Anyway, what caught my eye was this young little boy happily pushing his mum across the road in her wheelchair on the other side of the intersection. Nothing unusual there until I looked away at the cars in the car yard, dreaming of one day owning a nice new car when I looked back to the little boy and found him by the empty wheelchair on the other side of the road. They had crossed the road safely but the boy had trouble pushing his mum up the little ramp onto the sidewalk so they could continue on along the sidewalk.

Looking closer I saw his mum had fallen out of the wheelchair, half on the little ramp and half on the sidewalk, thankfully not on the road, with the boy standing by her helplessly. In that moment, in the blink of an eye, two guys from different cars waiting at the lights closest to them, rushed out of their cars, raced across the road which was 3 lanes of traffic and helped get the boy’s mum back in her wheelchair and back onto the sidewalk.

They managed this and still got back to their own cars a moment after the lights had changed to keep the traffic flowing. How amazing is that? This wonderfully kind gesture and helping hand has really restored my faith in humanity, that there are nice people out there who help those in need even if they are a complete stranger.

2 thoughts on “Modern day angels renew my faith in humanity

  1. I love hearing stories like this. Counteracts all the “negative only” things we hear on the news. Kind of makes you wonder what would happen if only positive things were reported for a day. 😀

    1. I wonder that too, we seem to be ruled by the media these days and it really is a shame that they cannot seem to find many positive stories to publish or tell us about. I rarely turn the tv on to see the news and hardly ever buy a newspaper because the last time I did, I found perhaps 6 positive stories, the newspaper had over 150 pages yet only 6 positive stories. I would love to hear more about the wonderful things happening in the world 🙂

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