Delighful patch of heaven

Well I am well and truly back into my sewing and creative mind set and finding all kinds of wonderful websites selling all kinds of fabrics, threads and machines, not just websites though but businesses all around the the world.

Now if you are in Queensland (Australia) drop in to: Faeries in My Garden, 70 Park Parade, Shorncliffe, Qld. 4017 or you can call and fax on (07) 3869 0808.                        Their web address is . You can even find them on Facebook, right here


Well worth a look, a wonderful website and store from one of our own Aussies.                    In store you’ll find all your sewing needs from fabric to machinery, cute projects for any time of year or occasion, or if you are not in the area, you can order online.

1292661562IMGP9566 1338802142IMGP8555

Makes me wish I was able to drop by and have a look at all the wonderful fabric, maybe start a new project or two, but then, the shopping cart on their webpage does look inviting 🙂

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