Another patch of heaven to be enjoyed

The Quilters’ Store, The Embroiderers’ Store, located in Brisbane.


So far the webpages and stores which have caught my eye have been a long way from home, perhaps its telling me to take a holiday. I’d come home without a penny to my name though, but a suitcase full of fabrics!

This store I’ve just read about on their webpage has over 9000 bolts of fabric (I’d settle for maybe 200, not being greedy). They specialise in patchwork, quilting and hand embroidery needs, so if your hobby is one of those then you are in luck 🙂

Their website is fantastic and you can purchase online of course (look out Mastercard). They even have a newsletter you can subscribe to which happens twice a month, so that you don’t get an inbox full from them before you can blink, its a good idea to subscribe to them because they have some fantastic discounts, never know what they are going to surprise you with.

tqes 01 tqes 02



















If you are keen to have a look, you can have a look at their website here.

tqes 03







I have GOT to try this Kitty Bag, it is just so cute!


You can also like them on Facebook, look for The Quilters & Embroiderers Store. If you are in the area then drop in to see them at Shop 4, 286 Evans Road, Salisbury 4107 in Queensland.

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