Cute lil overalls

I’ve set myself a bit of a challenge I think, I bought a pair of overalls for my dog Lola, they should have fitted her nicely but they are a bit tight in some places due to the design 😦 So I’ve taken it upon myself to make Lola her own pair of overalls. I figure that once I get this pair made then I can make many more and really jazz them up and maybe even make some for friends.

20130408_200847(I’ll be sure to upload photos of the finished product that fits right)

Last night I put together a basic design and tried them on her, managed to make some improvements but not quite right yet. I’ll be having another go at them tonight to make a few adjustments and see if I’ve got them right. Lola really is quite a model and seems to enjoy getting dressed up, definitely a girly girl, except when she is digging in the garden 😦

If you would like, I’ve made a Facebook page where I will be showing more of my creativity and that of others, plus, getting back to people on some great places to go for all your craft and fabric needs, local, online, overseas etc. At this stage I’m checking out fabric shops but I will be expanding it to scrapbooking supplies and also cake decorating, there are some really beautiful and amazing places out there that hardly any of us know about because we all have our tried and tested favourites and rarely ever stray from them. So I’m going to be showing you just what is really out there 🙂

Be amazed 🙂

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