Cute lil overalls Pt 2

Ok so heres how the overalls are looking so far with my rough design, I’ve sewn together a very plain design just to make sure I’ve got the measurements right, I haven’t added on any press studs at this stage because I don’t want to be wasting them yet, all I’m aiming to do is to make sure they fit and are comfortable for my little Lola.

20130411_203536Lola is generally much more photogenic than she is in this photo, just that tonight I took her away from her raw hide chewy snack.

The back legs fit well but I might give them a bit more length, in particular across the back. The piece of material kinda hanging under her belly, well that clips up with the side showing and is also the part that the shoulder straps will clip onto, which, I will be giving them perhaps another inch in length.

So far it is coming together well and it won’t be long before she will be sporting her own trendy pair of denim overalls, maybe with a cute little butterfly patch on them or a heart 🙂

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