Jazzing up a polo top

I’ve been asked by a friend who found out I had a sewing machine, if I could make some alterations to some of her dresses and work tops. The dresses I haven’t touched yet but I have had some fun with her work tops.

My friend works as an interstate truck driver all around Australia, there was a time there where it had been at least  a week if not more since she had been back home, her boss kept her out on the highway for a very long time. In that time she found that her work tops were too hot when she went up to Brisbane, so I’ve altered them so they will sit better and should be cooler too. No I didn’t go and cut huge holes in them for her.

See she said they were a bit snug and she is, well, very gifted in the boob department, so I’ve unpicked the side hems, taken a piece of mesh material like what basketball singlets and shorts are made out of today, stitched that in between the old side hems right up under the arm, so that has added a couple inches and a vent, so to speak.

It is fairly simple to accomplish this, the time consuming part is unpicking the hem. You could go and simply cut up either side of the hem I guess, come to think of it, why didn’t I think of this before? They’re right, you learn more by teaching than just making things by yourself.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos to show you what I am talking about.

20130416_125750 20130416_125840 20130418_105323Top picture is of the polo top before I got my hands on it,

Middle picture is with one side done

Last picture shows the left side laying flat and the right side showing how much of a side panel I put in and that it goes all the way up under the armpit.

I’m quite pleased with my efforts considering I’d never tried it before, I’d just seen the end results where I used to work. Its a process of stitching wrong sides together but leaving an overhang at each end and not stitching right to the end, instead, you fold over to create the continuation of the hem, it is complicated to explain.

2 thoughts on “Jazzing up a polo top

    1. Awww thanks 🙂 just needed a lil confidence to have a go at it, when she said not to worry because it was only her work shirts, that was all the confidence I needed 🙂

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