My take on i am baker’s Rose Cake

stunning, so full of colour 🙂

Niki's Sweet Side

Rose Cake

Beautiful isn’t it? This week I decided to try my hand at i am baker’s Rose Cake. Amanda Rettke of i am baker was the original genius behind this breath-taking cake that now graces magazine pages and fills Pinterest boards.

I’ve been practicing many different cake decorating techniques these days, and I’ve had a lot of people ask what I do “with all those cakes“. The truth is, I make smaller versions of the cakes that I fall in love with from magazines, tv, Pinterest, Facebook etc. and I donate them.

One day I called my local family crisis center and asked if they take donations in the form of baked goods. The helpful and sweet receptionist on the other end of the phone was ecstatic, and told me that they would love to take my cakes to the children’s shelter. So now, I donate my cakes to children in need of a smile 🙂 If you’d…

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