Old family values

We’ve read how Henry and Phillippa came to be together, Henry was very much the gentleman back then and was for the rest of his life. He formed a relationship with Phillippa which possibly wasn’t based on love to begin with but after time it blossomed into the most beautiful love of all.

Phillippa and Henry taught their children many important values in life, the importance of honesty, civic spirit and the acceptance of responsibility. They also encouraged their children to adopt spiritual values along with the need to care for and protect women. For a wonderful example of the latter, their children had only but to look at the relationship between their mother and father and the way they treated and responded to each other.

Family Values Sign

All their sons, and their wives had an equality in marriage, especially in financial decision making, which made for real partnerships. This in many respects, was very unusual for the times, but this was the reality. Their daughter Emily, being brought up in this environment, expected likewise, and she was treated similarly by her husband. To this family, any other partnership was not a real partnership.


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