Not a Good Samaritan, a WONDERFUL Samaritan

Not often do you hear or read a good story in the news, especially one involving a shop owner yelling out “Stop thief!” before a good Samaritan takes off in hot pursuit of this so called thief, only in Hollywood right?

A write up from SA Police News was just that and I would love to share it with you all 🙂


Like a scene from the movies, a Good Samaritan chased a suspected jewellery thief through the streets around the Central Market this morning – not even giving up when the robber jumped into a taxi!

At about 11:30am today, the suspect pinched a gold chain, valued at over $6,000 from a jewellery shop in the Central Market.

The shop owner gave chase yelling “Stop thief!”. A passer-by saw the commotion and joined in the chase, managing to corner the suspect. The jewellery thief handed over the gold chain to the member of the public and then ran off down Morphett Street and jumped into a taxi.

But our Good Samaritan didn’t give up there! He handed the gold chain back to the victim, who had just caught up, and took off after the taxi! He caught up with the taxi in traffic, back in Gouger Street. The taxi driver pulled over, the suspect jumped out of the cab and the foot pursuit was back on.

The witness phoned the police while chasing the suspect through various streets. Police patrols converged on the area and found the exhausted suspect back on Morphett Street. Thanks to the tenacity of the Good Samaritan, the 30-year old man from no fixed place was arrested, charged with robbery and will appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court tomorrow.

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