Patchwork quilt filled with love

I was having a lovely Mother – Daughter chat with my Mum earlier tonight about this weekend and Mother’s Day on Sunday. My Brother finally managed to get in touch with her about Saturday night and they are having a lovely barbeque dinner, which is all well and good but I was still running around like a headless chook trying to find something for Mum.

Mum had said she would love a nice cushion kit or pattern and so far I hadn’t had any luck finding one. So the topic came up again tonight and she said she saw a quilt on my Facebook page that she absolutely loved.

Going back over the posts I had put up on my page I found the quilt she was talking about, I have to admit, it is pretty gorgeous and I can see her making one just as beautiful.

The name of the quilt is The Scrap-Patch Hearts

198860_531988770180989_1945865433_nLuckily enough for us, typing in Scrap-Patch Hearts into Google brought up the link to the free downloadable pattern, which I am sure Mum is happily printing out right at this very moment.

This isn’t the whole gift I am giving Mum, no there is more to it. Over the weekend I’ll be taking Mum around to some of the lovely fabric shops I’ve found here and buying her some colourful material to use in the quilt. I’ll be sure to keep you posted with what she ends up buying and I’ll see if I can pop up a post of the finished product.

One thought on “Patchwork quilt filled with love

  1. it was a lovely chat and I love the quilt picture. Im looking forward to fabric shopping for it having got rid of all my fabric some years ago not imagining I would get into patchwork. Looking forward to seeing you on Mothers Day Darling xx

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