Butterflies, Birds and Elephant

This is a new category for me, I’ve always been fond of this world and love finding new places to visit, doesn’t really match up with my previous categories of Quilting and also Genealogy, I guess we really are all individuals.

I bet most people who love to travel have heard of the great migration which happens in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa. Here I hope to bring to light 3 amazing places in this world that perhaps not many people know about.

How many other great animal wonders out there have people heard of, have you heard of the Monarch Butterfly Roosts in Mexico?

ANI082-00115 monarchs-in-motionAmazing to see so many, how many of us are lucky enough to even see one butterfly in our gardens let alone thousands like in these beautiful photos.

For the avid bird watcher, there is the Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs found in Iceland. Possibly not something on my To Do list, although the Puffins are a very cute bird, just not sure about all the droppings due to the large number of birds there.

309353120-31135723 fc8a972c7e3317aa194841edee3e772a

Third on my list for this post is the Elephant Gathering in Sri Lanka. Back in the 3rd century A.D King Minneriya built the Minneriya Tank which is a vast reservoir which is the big attraction for these elephants when the dry season comes.

Elephants_gather_for_water_in_the_plains_at_Minneriya_National_Park_in_Sri_Lanka._It_is_one_of_the_largest_gathering_of_-_Flickr_-_Al_Jazeera_English Minneriya-National-Park-Elephant-Gathering2

I hope this post has helped to open your eyes to the wonders that surround us 🙂



4 thoughts on “Butterflies, Birds and Elephant

    1. Sadly no I cannot take credit for these photos. They are magnificent though, all I add to them is a little information on the destination and why I picked it. Mostly they are to show what the destination or event is like.

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