Quilters paradise on the West Coast

I’ve covered just about every state and Territory in Australia, some more than once but now its time to head over to Western Australia to yet another lovely fabric and craft shop.

This one is located in Morley in W.A and by the look of their website they have quite a range of fabrics on offer, not to mention kits galore along with classes, full on quilters paradise, I only wish I could be there, just for a few hours to take in all the fabric and call a truck to carry all the fabric I would buy. If you are in the area then I strongly suggest popping in to see the team at 1/8 Dewar Street, Morely.

Have a look at some of the amazing quilts below and tell me you are not impressed or they are not something you would love to create or have around the home to keep you warm at night.

bali holiday lap quilt (Medium) cuddly minkee baby quilt (Medium) kaleidoscope_of_kolor_(jewel_tone)

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