More than a trickle of water

Who doesn’t love a waterfall, whether it be a raging, roaring waterfall or a nice graceful trickle. I would have to say that Niagra Falls is perhaps the best known waterfall along with the Victoria Falls but what about Australia’s own Jim Jim Falls?

Jim Jim Falls are found in the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory and are quite the tourist attraction for those who know about these magnificent falls. After all, how many waterfalls are there where you can float along in a plunge pool while gazing up at a very high cascade rushing over red cliffs?

jim_falls_16qd5eu-16qd5iv jim-jim-falls-panorama-1







You might want to keep your eyes open for crocodiles though, they have been known to lurk around here.


Another stunner would be Sutherland Falls in New Zealand ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. You might want to be fit though to see this waterfall, it includes a 4 day, 53.5km hike to get to it along the Milford Track.

sutherland_falls Sutherland-Falls-in-New-Zealand_Beautiful-view_1424









What a magnificent end result, to see such beauty, surely it is worth the walk.


Lastly, one that I think could be my new found favourite, the Detian Falls in China. This waterfall is proclaimed the second largest waterfall along a national border (China and Vietnam).

2ym8G detian-falls-china

If you haven’t been on a holiday that included a stop off at a waterfall, then perhaps you need to have another holiday 😉

If you have been to a wonderful place with a waterfall then please, share it with us, we all need a holiday from time to time 🙂

5 thoughts on “More than a trickle of water

    1. Thank you 🙂 We do have some amazing places in this world, sometimes we just get tangled up in our work and cities that we just forget what is out there.

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