Ave, Centurion!

If the title wasn’t a big enough hint, this post is on Roman sights. Honestly, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start, I know they were in the U.K and Italy of course, but lets see if I can find some not so well known locations where there used to be Romans.

When we think of Romans now, many of us probably think of all the ruins left and not really about the possibility of buildings or even small townships that are still maintained and functioning.

Diocletian’s Palace is one of these very buildings, now I know there was obviously royalty within the Romans but it never quite occurred to me to think about looking for a palace. Diocletian’s Palace is located in Split in Croatia and has gone from being a deluxe coastal palace which was heavily fortified, to a bustling and compact walled community which is oh so romantic.



peristil split-diocletians_palace_air

I am not entirely sure where this romantic part comes into it, perhaps something to do with the charm of the buildings.


Ok so this next one is not in quite the same working condition as Diocletian’s Palace but it is spectacular none the less. In Volubilis, Morocco there is quite a combination of cultures to be found, from the alleys of Meknes’ medieval medina to the Islamic pilgrimage centre of Moulay Idriss. The well kept ruins of Volubilis are awe inspiring, though it isn’t so much the monuments that capture your attention. Have a look at these photos.

6406162317_3dc6ca0d5f_z volubilis_RThe mosaics which have lasted many hundreds of years are still as amazing as ever and look at the sheer size of this town, makes you wonder how something so grand could end up in ruins.


Butrint in Albania would be my third choice on this list and to me it shows just how well the Romans adapted to their surroundings and those around them. From the photos it might not seem much more than a few stone walls and columns here and there, but this town was ideally located for the Romans.

albania-burint-01 Ancient-city-of-Butrint-Saranda-Albania

Some say the Romans lost their own unique ways when they adapted, taking on building designs of others along with building sites, it would make archeology difficult, but that all adds to the excitement.

If you have heard one too many stories about the Colosseum that the excitement of going there and seeing it for yourself has all but disappeared, why not take a step off the common and well trodden path and see some new sites that not many people have.

Go somewhere new 🙂

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