En garde!

Battle sights, perhaps not one of my strong points though there is a freeway here that has named every bridge after a battle, there is Kokoda, Tobruk, Hamel, Kapyong and Long Tan. Surely we’ve heard of these or at least half of them, so lets see a couple that many of us don’t know about.

This one I had never heard of though it seems to have been a major battle for both England and Africa. Its called the Battle of Rorke’s Drift and occurred in South Africa, dating back to when England’s empire spanned the globe. Their pillaging of the continent angered the locals and when they tried to bring in colonialism, well that was the last straw and a battle broke out in 1879 between the English soldiers and the Zulu warriors.

boer4 isandl

It is said that a 4,000 strong gang of rampaging Zulus besieged a missionary along with a trading post which was occupied by merely 140 British troops, this caused bedlam and the Zulus were defeated. If you go to Johannesburg and take R68 for about 428km you’ll come to Rorke’s Drift.


Japan also had its fair share of battles, in particular the Battle of Sekigahara which, if you know your 80’s movies and watched the TV series of Shogun then you would know what this battle was all about. The Battle of Sekigahara took place in 1600 and marked the end of the Shogunate. In modern terms this battle was like that of a gang battle with the shogunates losing and so the old Japan disappeared and the modern one emerged.

samurai tumblr_m2yozyO62X1r3ocrzo1_500Essentially it was the old traditional Japan fighting with the modern Japan, Samurai with swords, pikes, bows and arrows against the modern Japan of rifles, canons and Gatling guns. Sekigahara is a rural town in central Japan, roughly 375km west of Tokyo.



Peru had a big battle too, dating back to 1537 when the conquistadors launched an attack on Emperor Manco Inca’s town of Ollantaytambo, which incidentally is the name given to the battle, the battle of Ollantaytambo. Amazingly enough the battle took place up in the high Andes, some 2800m above sea level. This is one battle where the invaders were defeated, if you’re a hiker then this is the place for you.

8212300747_3f7021f141_z Ollanta-web-7Makes you wonder what it looked like when the conquistadors got there.

Have any of my lovely readers traveled to a battle site? I would love to know šŸ™‚

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