Roses in Ipswich

How I wish I had a magic carpet so I could visit each and every one of these fantastic businesses, who wouldn’t want to visit this next business I have to share with you. Products include quilts, dolls, bears, table runners and much more and of course, fabric 🙂

All the way from Ipswich in Queensland comes the delightful Rose Patchwork Cottage. There are also classes for those who are just starting their journey with this wonderful craft/hobby and also for those who just love the social outing it brings. 🙂

apples bluebell Web_Salt_Air_IMG_0034Who doesn’t love making a cute bear or even a basket of apples? So if you’re in the area or planning a trip, you can’t go past the Rose Patchwork Cottage. Though if you are unable to get to this wonderful business, you can always have a look at their website and see what else they have to offer.

Australian businesses never cease to amaze me, we have some of the best out there.


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