Looking through the bay-window

Back to South Australia for this next beauty, though it isn’t on the mainland, its over in Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, well known for their bees and honey. But that isn’t what is in store in this lovely business.

This store is another delight for the quilter or sewer, those that love to make fabulous things with fabric either for themselves or their lovely family. If its quilting materials you are after then you are certainly in luck as that would be be their specialty, Heathers Designs Kangaroo Island is their label name and have been around since 2009.

bay-windowFear not if you haven’t a clue as to what to make, they have patterns and kits and friendly helpful service to go with it. If this all sounds right up your alley then have a look at their website where you can be kept up to date with all that goes on in the business and even what craft fairs they are going to be at.

airborne3 but 2

Or if you are in South Australia and planning a trip over to Kingscote, why not drop in and have a little look around The Bay Window Craft & Fabric store located at 74 Dauncey Street, Kingscote.

Both of the attached quilts can be found in store ready for you to make 🙂

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