Love is in the air

Ah love, being in love would have to be one of the best feelings to have in our lives, though I think that perhaps winning big on the Lottery would have to be a very close second, not that I have felt that yet.

When you think of love and romantic places to escape to you probably think of Paris and the Eiffel Tower or Venice with its romantic canals, can you think of more places? How about these three lovely places.

A Story of True Love -The Tomb of Abelard & Heloise in Paris, France.

Ok, so a tomb is probably not the most romantic place to go to but the story behind this tomb is perhaps equal to that of Romeo and Juliet.

This 12th century love story between Abelard – philosopher and theologian and his student Heloise is proof that age and beliefs play no part when love is involved.











Above photo thanks to Also you can find their lovely story written on this site.

heloise and abelard










An above photo of their tombs

Symbols of Love – Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) China

A breathtaking place to be where you can find perhaps one of the most unusual symbols of love, padlocks, yes padlocks. People who have made this massive hike, or have taken the cable car, will find thousands of padlocks secured to the rails along the trails up the mountain.

Lovers purchase a padlock and then secure it to the rail, throwing the key into the abyss and thus securing their love for each other.












Photos thanks to

Building Constructed Out of Love – Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Many of us have heard of and seen photos of the famous Taj Mahal though how many know the reason why it was constructed? It was constructed out of love.

Taj Mahal Photo

The creation of one man’s passion and vow for his beloved wife, the couple I’m talking about is Shah and Mumtaz Mahal.


Shah unfortunately lost Mumtaz during childbirth and made a vow then to build her the most beautiful tomb ever, though it took 22 years to build, Shah kept true to his word and this beautiful building was finished in 1653.

What is the most romantic place you have ever been to?

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