Snuggly Bag

Ok so it has been awhile since I’ve been on here to delight you with some wonderful new posts, but I am now back and happy to share more posts with all you wonderful people who enjoy a good read 🙂

Something wonderful and amazing happened last week, I finally finished that cosy little sleeping bag I had been working on for far too long, and I have to say I am delighted with the end result.

467826_10152849263190591_1512637121_oSorry to say though, I don’t have a pattern or design to share with you for this lovely sleeping bag, I worked from my imagination on this one 🙂

Since I couldn’t really put the lovely warm wadding in this one like what is in shop bought sleeping bags, I thought to make it warm in another way, make one side out of a fleece type material to help keep in the warmth.

Measuring 105cm X 72cm (odd figures to work with but that is how it turned out) while zipped up and 105cm by 142cm when completely unzipped out to a quilt/blanket.

I used an open ended double zip so that if one side is too warm, you can zip it up the other way and have it a bit cooler. The zip handle is a little chunky but I find that better on a sleeping bag, for me there is nothing worse than having to hold the little zip handle with the very tip of your fingers. Also it is a plastic zip which I found to be very handy as I had to shorten the zip and to create a whole new stopper it required using one of the teeth I had removed, placing it between two end teeth on one side and then heating it (I used one of my partner’s cigarette lighters) so it melted which then allowed me to melt and squeeze the three teeth together with the help of pliers.

To add a little bit of style, I used some light pink ribbon binding around the edge as I feel that it would be much more comfortable and much softer to the touch for a little child, especially on their face.

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