Jailbird Rock

Let me give you a hint, Alcatraz is one, did you guess? Today’s topic is prisons and dungeons, maybe not everyone’s place to go and check out but still pretty interesting to see these great buildings that hold so much history, maybe not the nicest of history but it still shaped the world we live in today.


Perfectly Charming on the Outside – Conciergerie, Paris, France

Do not be fooled by this building’s appearance, it was once a palace for the medieval kings of France but it took on a whole new use during the French Revolution during 1793-1794.

paris-conciergerieThe Conciergerie became a detention centre for reactionaries during the revolution, you can tour the dark and pestilent cells which held so many.










Over 2,700 souls were destined to be guillotined in this palace turned prison.


Is that a Luxury Villa? – Cape Coast Castle, Ghana

Perhaps from certain angles you could be forgiven for thinking this building was a luxurious villa, in reality though, this building holds a completely different story.


Built in the 17th century, its what lies beneath this building that will chill you to the bone, featureless dungeons that were once packed with over 1,000 captives during the height of the slave trade.



Full Effects of the KGB – Karosta, Liepaja, Latvia

For those who would really like to get a taste of what it was like to be held in a prison then take a look at the Karosta prison. This prison was still operating right up until 1997, a tour of this jail will have you photographed, frog marched, yelled at and examined just as the real prisoners once were.











You can also opt for more of a taste of what life was like in this prison and experience a ghoulish night tour where you are given prison rations, a metal mug, a mattress and not much else to go with that cell you’ll be sleeping in.











Have you ever been to tour a prison?

2 thoughts on “Jailbird Rock

  1. I’ve been on the night tour of Fremantle prison and I’ve been through the Melbourne gaol on a day tour when they showed you how Ned Kelly was hanged (bit scary as a kid), Sale gaol…a lot of Aussie ones…none overseas though.

    1. Wow really!? You’ve been to a few then šŸ™‚ I’ve yet to go and have a look through one. The closest one to me would be the Adelaide Gaol, they say its really haunted so it might need to be done during the day, I enjoy sleeping too much to go on a ghost tour. Oh and they say that if you have ‘orbs’ show up in photos, that they are spirits, I reckon if that is true then there would be a few show up in gaols.

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