Rose Amongst the Thorns

The next business I would like to share with everyone is located in the Australian Capital Territory, primarily a patchwork shop which is good news for all those who love to make patchwork quilts in particular, but also wonderful news for anyone who uses fabric in their craft or hobby.

At this wonderful shop known as Rosemont Patchwork Shop, located at 56 Athllon Drive, Tuggeranong, Canberra, you can find all your patchwork and fabric needs. So if you are in the area or just passing through on a holiday then drop on in and see what wonderful little surprises you can find.

PROD_13286_If you have never had anything to do with patchwork quilts then you can take a class and try your hand at making one.


If you have a few skills up your sleeve but out of ideas on patterns, then you can browse through their range of pre-cut designs and enjoy putting together a quilt without the hassle of measuring and cutting the fabric.

They have a range of projects to suit everyone’s skill levels, from the basics to the more challenging designs.

PROD_15739_For those who have access to a computer to design their quilt patterns, Rosemont Patchwork Shop stocks the Electric Quilt 7 software, which to me looks like a piece of software I really need to get my hands on.

But don’t you worry, if you are nowhere near this wonderful business then you can check out their website and perhaps place an online order šŸ™‚

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