A Symbol of Hope For Those on The Seas

The topic I found today to check out is Lighthouses and quickly found that they are all over the world and come in all different designs yet of course all having the same use. I find lighthouses to be wonderful buildings, like angels of the seas for the sailors out there.


An Island That Will Cease to Be – Marjaniemi Lighthouse, Finland.

They say you need to get there quick to have a look at this one because due to continental rebound, the island that the Marjaniemi Lighthouse is on will soon join back up with the mainland.

04ptc_sIf you are unable to have a little holiday away and see this lighthouse for yourself, fear not, there is a webcam in operation http://www.luotokeskus.fi/webcam where you can see this lighthouse and the views for yourself.

Granddaddy of Them All – Hook Head Lighthouse, Ireland

Said to be the oldest operational lighthouse in the world, Hook Head Lighthouse has been around since the 5th century thanks to monks who began lighting a beacon there.

hook_head_lighthouseYou can see the slight change in design, Hook Head is a big bigger around than most lighthouses built today, though I have to admit, I do like Hook Head because of this and those lovely stripes.

The Gentle Giant – Creac’h, France

How tall you ask, how about 54.85m tall, tall enough for you? I would sure feel like a little bug next to the Creac’h lighthouse. This lighthouse is the most powerful lighthouse in the world and it needs to be, the Atlantic coast is well known for its dangerous seas and coastlines. How powerful is this lighthouse I hear you ask, its beam of light can be seen some 60km away, kinda glad I’m not within range of that bean of light.











Has anyone reading this ever been to tour a lighthouse or have a lighthouse in their city?

2 thoughts on “A Symbol of Hope For Those on The Seas

  1. I LOVE lighthouses and tend to gush about them I’m afraid lol my favourite one of all time is the Cape Leeuwin light house that is down near Augusta in Western Australia (have been through many tours). It stands at the point where the Southern and Indian ocean meet – how awesome is that!? Victoria’s Port Campbell lighthouse is also a lovely one and pretty much used in a lot of TV and movies. Have you seen the movie South Solitary? Odd movie but awesome lighthouse trivia contained within. There are also lighthouses and light stations and light beacons (beacons are the ones that have no housing within). Australia has a group that runs a webpage on lighthouses so you can look at all of them!! See – I told you I get gushy over them lol

    1. They are a lovely building, simple yet so very meaningful. There is a lighthouse in Port Adelaide I believe, red and white stripes and there is another that I’ve been to, the Cape Donnington Lighthouse, out in the middle of nowhere and it really was a sight to see though I don’t know that it is actually a lighthouse these days, more a beacon but still as impressive. Can’t say I’ve seen the movie South Solitary, sounds perfect for you and anyone with a passion for lighthouses 🙂

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