Australiana at its finest

Now you might need to travel a fair way to have a look at this business, unless you are in the Northern Territory, which is where this business I’m about to tell you about is found.

This fantastic business, believe it or not, started out as a simple clothing and repair business before fabrics were bought to sell to the public, and from there, the clothing and repair side of the business dwindled away and the fabrics really took off.

How could just simple fabric change this business, well, these were no ordinary fabrics, they were and are Aboriginal fabrics, they are filled with colourful Aboriginal designs and really are something quite spectacular.





The Aboriginal Fabric Gallery can be found on Gregory Tce, just a couple shops down from the Todd Mall in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

thumb_299 thumb_389 thumb_392




If perhaps you are not going to be in the area anytime soon and you are after something just a little bit different or wanting to add a bit of Australia to your next piece of art, have a look at their wonderful website.


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