Super Size Me

When it comes to wonders I think these huge statues should have their own class, maybe the biggest statues of the world. You could list the Statue of Liberty, those awesome Heads on Easter Island and of course Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro.

Have you ever been to see a huge statue? What about these three.

Big Ned – Giant Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, Australia

Lets Aussie it up and throw in Ned Kelly, I didn’t even know there was a Giant Ned Kelly, but then why shouldn’t there be, he is a huge part of Australia’s history and whether you think he was a bad guy or a good guy you have to admit that has certainly earned his place in Australian folklore.










You can find the Giant Ned Kelly in Glenrowan of course which is in the state of Victoria, about 240km North of Melbourne just off the Hume Highway at the sight of his infamous last stand in 1880.


Peaceful Giant – Grand Buddha, Leshan, China

I don’t think there is a more peaceful looking giant statue than the Grand Buddha, despite making everyone and everything around it look miniscule. 71 meters tall and with the broadest set of shoulders you have ever seen, this gentle giant sits quietly looking out over the world and has done for the last 1300 years.











The final pick in my pick of three grand giant statues to see around the world is one that is just a little bit different and perhaps a little modern. I first saw this one while watching Billy Connolly’s tour of England, Ireland and Wales.


Great Welding Feat – Angel of the North, Gateshead, England

Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but you have to admit the Angel of the North really has become an important piece of art in Britain. Attracting many tourists each year to the wonderful sculpture and in a way an angel to watch over the country.



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