What Lurks Below

I’ve often wondered about this one, I’ve heard people have dug houses underground due to the extreme weather, such as in Coober Pedy which is in the South Australian outback, and that some buildings are also constructed underground such as subways. But I’ve never ventured out to have a look at these places myself, so I’ve had a look around online at places that would surely be of interest to the travelers out there.

One of the Deepest Gold Mines – Crown Mines Shaft 14, South Africa

They say that included in the Crown Mines Shaft is a pub, at 226m down it is the worlds deepest pub. Touring through this mine you get a sense of just how grueling the work was for the miners. The miners really were very clever, as they all had different languages, they developed a language they could all use, though 25% of the language was swear words, but who could blame them, it really was a tough life.









Sparkling Skeleton – Actun Tunichil Muknal, Maya Mountains, Belize

This journey is for those who are fearless and I mean fearless, you will need to trek through snake-infested jungles, cross rivers and work your way through caves, though the rewards will be mind blowing especially for the historians, adventurists and archeologists out there. You can find photos online of the Crystal Maiden but I am told that the photos really don’t do her any justice at all, you have to see her for yourself.


Not So Romantic – Paris Catacombs, Paris

We all like to think of Paris as a romantic destination to go with a loved one, a place to propose or even enjoy a whirlwind romance. But you are not going to believe what they did when the cemeteries started overflowing.

It started in 1785, bones were exhumed and relocated, they were placed inside disused quarry tunnels which are, believe it or not, 20m beneath the city streets. They continued to do this for 100 years. There is now 300km of these tunnels lined with bones, though they are said to be artistically arranged, and they have 2km of these tunnels open to those who are curious enough to venture through and have a look.


Another interesting fact is that during WW2, the French Resistance used these tunnels as their headquarters.

I don’t know about you but the Paris Catacombs are certainly not something for me.


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