Bookworms Unite

Books seem to be going out of fashion, but not necessarily the stories themselves, just that technology seems to have outdated the good old paperback and replaced it with a touch screen, book stores too are disappearing from all around the cities and being replaced with online stores.

Things were changing too during my time in school, from books to movies, Romeo and Juliet was one of them, we watched the movie but didn’t read the book, we read the book Tomorrow When The War Began, they have now brought out the movie so I’m guessing that this next group of high school students will be watching that movie instead of reading the book.

Three places in the world where you can pay your respects to some well known authors are:

Stratford-Upon-Avon, England – William Shakespeare

Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo, a line so well known by many many women and I’m sure if we each had the chance, we would act it out just like in the movie.

For those wanting to get a little closer to the great William Shakespeare, it is advised that you take a walk through the town where he spent his life, from birth to death. This town is now filled with many attractions for those wanting a Shakespeare experience.

Some places to have a look at would of course be William Shakespeare’s house.

Warwickshire, Stratford upon Avon, William Shakespeare Birthplace

Then you would just have to stop by and see The Globe Theater.









Also on the list I would imagine, would be the resting place of William Shakespeare.



Ernest Hemingway House, Florida, USA

Readers can have a look at the house Ernest Hemmingway lived in from 1931 to 1940, it is a Spanish colonial house in the Key West. This is also the place where he wrote The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber and also Green Hills of Africa.

Ernest Hemingway wasn’t just a writer, he also spent a lot of time installing Key West’s first saltwater swimming pool, it is said that this project used up just about all his money, except for a penny, his last penny, which he pressed into the cement on the pool’s deck, which you can of course see today.












Another interesting attraction, would be descendants of his famous six-toed cat, they pretty much rule the house and grounds, also Hemingway’s studio has been preserved just as he left it.










Baker Street, England – Arthur Conan Dyle

You may notice that the Sherlock Holmes Museum, if you have been there before, is actually at 221b Baker Street, this is because Sherlock’s actual address in the stories, is the former Abbey National Building.


There are three levels to the museum and fan lovers will surely enjoy wandering these reconstructed floors of Sherlock Holmes history and goodies, though I have been told that the waxworks of both Professor Moriarty and ‘the Man with the Twsted Lip’ are lacking a little.


The Sherlock Holmes Museum is easy to get to, just walking distance from the Baker Street tube station.

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