The Gentle Giants of The World

I know I am certainly not one of these, not because I’m not gentle, I like to think I’m a lovely person, but because I’m definitely no giant, at least not among humans. Now that I think about it, I could very well be a giant in the eyes of an ant or a spider, or even my dog Lola šŸ™‚ With her I’m the wonderful giant that gives her warm loving hugs and yummy food, with her I’m a giant servant haha.

Indonesia’s Giant – Komodo Dragon

In the lizard world, the award for the giant would have to go to the Komodo Dragon, though they don’t breathe fire, you will have to watch they don’t bite you, there is a very real possibility that a bite will turn into a nasty infection.


Growing up to 3 meters long and hitting 160kg, this is certainly one lizard you would want to be nice to, though you will be glad to know that reports of a Komodo Dragon attacking a human is a very rare thing.


New Zealand’s Giant – Giant Weta

For those who don’t know, a weta is an insect that looks like a cross between a grasshopper and a cockroach on steroids and this one is a giant one, sends a shiver down my spine, never been big on insects.

With a 20cm leg span and we are talking spiky legs, did I mention they also have what looks to be plate armor? Its entire 10cm long body is covered with this plate armor and the weta hisses when disturbed, I’m prone to screaming when scared.

There is some good/bad news though, you don’t have much chance of being hissed at by the Giant Weta, this is unfortunately due to low population numbers but if you are determined then you can find them mostly on New Zealand’s small offshore islands.


Canada’s Giant – Polar Bear

I can remember getting confused in school about all these bears and where they were, I very quickly worked out that Australia is a wonderful place to live because there are no bears in the Southern Hemisphere šŸ™‚ We have penguins instead. Though it may look friendly and oh so cuddly, racing up and giving the Polar Bear a hug is not advisable, it would very likely look at you and think of you in terms of ‘meals on wheels’.


Not only taking out the title of Canada’s Giant, measuring over 2.5m long and weighing a whopping 680kg, the Polar Bear also takes out the title for the world’s largest land carnivore. For those brave enough to travel to see this huge bear, you are best going to Churchill in Manitoba during October, be sure to rug up warm, very warm and whatever you do, don’t go dressed as dinner because these guys will be starving hungry.


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