Curiouser and Curiouser

Lost tribes, civilizations and cities, hard to believe in our ever expanding world but they are around. Sure there is Angkor in Cambodia and Palenque in Mexico, but did you know there are lost cities all over the world?

5000 Yrs Old – Skara Brae, Scotland

Not exactly a lost city, more of a lost village, Skara Brae is now a set of ruins located in Orkney. After a wild storm hit in 1850, stone remnants of the village were revealed and excavations began into this lost village to discover eight stone cottages still partly furnished.


The reason behind this lost village? Erosion, it brought the village closer to the ocean until finally it was abandoned and left to mother nature, who still has a hand in what is happening to Skara Brae today.

The Phoenix of Lost Cities – Carthage, Tunisia

Most cities are only destroyed once, Carthage in Tunisia managed it twice, first was thanks to the Romans who then rebuilt the city to wondrous glory, only to then lose it to Arab Muslims who were expanding their territory.


All that is now left of this once great city are the crumbling remains of Roman baths, temples and villas. If you want to visit you can see the remains on the outskirts of Tunis, though I would be quick to tick visiting this destination off your Bucket list, the remains are being absorbed by the ever expanding capital city.

Complication at its Best – Taxila, Pakistan

Keep up with the history of this city if you can. First founded by an Indian King around the 7th century BC and called Taxila (Takshashila) which was built on a hill. This city was was lost to, of all things, a new Taxila which was called Sirkap and this city was built by Greek invaders.


After a lovely rise to significance through philosophy and the arts, Sirkap then fell to the Huns who destroyed it in the 6th century and left it in ruins.

It is quite amazing what has been left behind and makes me wonder what will be left behind of today’s buildings, or will they simply be torn down and built over and in doing so, erased.

2 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser

    1. Just had a read about Ceide fields, looks to be a very interesting place and very old too, Stone age, wow! There are probably hundreds of lost cities out there, I picked but a few to share, otherwise I would be here forever. I am very happy though to have people tell me of places they know, I love it! 🙂

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