Beads Galore

Years ago when I was a child I used to love beading, I even had a loom and used to make some gorgeous necklaces and chokers too. Trouble for me was that there were not many places around to buy beads, I didn’t live in the city and the internet was only just taking off.

Now days you can find pretty much everything you ever dreamed of right at your fingertips, so I went back and found a beading site that is just the sort I would have loved to have in my little home town.

Bead Them Up is a wonderful store, also online, where you can find everything your beading heart desires, unless of course you make your own beads. They offer classes for those just learning the craft or wanting to expand their skills, many projects for all skill levels and they even offer repairs.

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Now they don’t look to supply the little glass beads at this stage, they instead supply gemstones, pearls and swarovski beads which are really eye catching, and if you find some beads you love but don’t know what to do with them, have a hunt through their projects, you could just turn them into a lovely pair of earrings 🙂

If you are in N.S.W and close to their address of Shop 3, 284 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate, drop on in and have a look, they have far more to see than I could ever hope to put on this post 🙂

2 thoughts on “Beads Galore

  1. I have so much fun with this, mixing and matching shapes and colors.Trying to get that just right design for a particular outfit, or something that can be worn well with many. Beading is a fun hobby 🙂

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