Weird and Wonderful

Art is certainly something that is not for everyone, some may love an artist and others may find that their work is not really the sort they like, which brings me to my next topic, buildings, not just any buildings though, these are ones that really stand out for reasons of their own.

All kinds of crazy – Palais Ideal, Hauterives, France

One look at this building and you are not going to believe the facts you read, looking at the building you would say that it belongs in the deep jungle like somewhere in Cambodia and you would say that it was build many hundreds of years ago.

AmazingBuildings-LePalaisIdeal-HauterivesFranceActually Palais Ideal was built in France by a local postman (Cheval) who tripped over a rock and got ideas from it, he worked on it at night after his shift before later becoming much more obsessed. It took him 33 years to complete the building, talk about an obsession. Very glad I didn’t get this crazy obsession when I tripped over a rock.


Fairytales and more – Hang Nga Crazy House, Dalat, Vietnam

You know the old saying ‘if you can dream it, you can create it’ well this next building has taken that saying to the extremes. Certainly shows that the only limits in life are the ones you put there yourself. Trying to describe this next house is next to impossible, there are sections that look like they have been taken from Alice in Wonderland, other areas looking like they belong in Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings and it looks like someone has run one of Salvador Dali’s brushes over it to give it the finishing touch.


The Hang Nga Crazy House is very true to its name, it is crazy and more than likely every child’s wonderland because it is so unusual. This building has been a work in progress since 1990 and so far has nine rooms full of all kinds of surprises.



The Wonder of Curves – Casa Batllo, Barcelona, Spain

Who says curves aren’t beautiful? This building in my eyes certainly isn’t crazy, though it is a little out of the normal, the architect Antoni Gaudi certainly has, in my eyes, made something just a little out there but very relaxing on the eyes. It looks a bit like something you would find under the sea with mermaids living in it.


With its blue uneven roof and bits of blue hidden all through the building, wave shaped window frames and balconies and a solitary tower. Inside the Casa Batllo you’ll find swirls have been used throughout the design, even with the ceiling!


6 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful

    1. Really? I think that is wonderful, I love these buildings that have a story behind them or some history and character, it makes a wonderful change to the modern square houses that are being built today, all right angles, corners and flat surfaces, no stone work showing, no artistic detail around windows or doors, no curves just harsh straight lines šŸ˜¦ Bring back the houses where people put in some detail and were proud of it because it was different and had character.

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