Better Than Graffiti

Driving around town I’m used to seeing people’s ‘tags’ all over the place and to be honest it really does make the place look undesirable. I saw a new type of ‘graffiti’ a couple years back when I was studying in the city, I would catch the bus to and from class and the bus stop in the city was under going a bit of a face lift. There were a couple sections on this old building wall and there was one graffiti artist to each section, the end results were amazing, though I have to say that it is a bit of a shame that some people didn’t respect the work enough to NOT tag it.

I’m wishing now that I had taken photos of these wonderful murals before they were ruined, they really were amazing, made it easy to know just what bus stop to get and I felt pretty good standing around that work, there should be more wonderful murals around.

I’ve located a couple around the world which I think are wonderful, if you know of more then please share 🙂

The Troubles – Derry, Northern Ireland

It might look a little scary but all this artwork actually makes a lot of people feel very safe, there are a lot of murals remembering people who have unfortunately died during all the unrest that has been going on for years in this country.


Not all the artwork is on those who have died in all this unrest, there are also a lot of murals showing defiance in the face of all that is going on, especially those of the Ulster Freedom Fighter


Kid’s Paradise – Comic Strips, Brussels, Belgium

Ever wanted to be able to just jump into a comic strip for a good laugh and see what life would be like? Well it looks like they have achieved something very similar over in Brussels in Belgium. Imagine taking a stroll down the street and having a Tin Tin scene there before your eyes.

BD-BrusselsThere are actually quite a lot of comic scenes scattered all around the city, to be honest this city looks fabulous because of it, it would have to be the only one out there 🙂

Full of Colour – Mission District Murals, San Francisco, USA

The murals in Mission District would have to be my favourite, so full of colour and all so very different.

missionThese murals are in the Latino Mission district and they build upon the Mexican mural movement which began in the 1920’s, there are a lot which were added in the 60’s which if you understand that era, is very understandable.

ca4533The most common themes include Hispanic, Aztec and Mayan motifs, human rights, football, carnival and Mexican cinema. I love it!

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